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What to Bring


  • A minimum of two fly rods – 8 wt. and 9 wt.
  • Reel with a capacity of 100 yards of 20 lb. backing
  • Tropical designed WFF weight forward, floating fly line. We suggest Amplitude textured Tropical Jungle Titan for subsurface flies and Amplitude textured Infinity Salt.
  • Leader: 9ft to 12ft tapered 20lb to 25lb fluorocarbon with 15” to 20” of 40lb to 60lb fluorocarbon shock tippet.

Highly recommended for fishing

  • Hat with wide brim for sun protection all around and a dark color on the underside of the brim for best water visibility; a neck protector if wearing a baseball-style cap
  • High-tech sunglasses with dark amber/brown polarized lenses, side shields recommended
  • Sunscreen lotion with minimum protection SPF 30+, waterproof, greaseless.
  • Lip sun protection, SPF 30+

Fishing Clothes

  • Lightweight, breathable, long-sleeved shirts in neutral colors; those with vents, a collar and made of technical fabrics that block the sun’s UV rays are best
  • Long pants in neutral colors, made of lightweight, fast-drying fabric, or wading pants
  • Lightweight, waterproof rain jacket and possibly waterproof pants for boat spray or showers

Footwear for fishing

A comfortable boat shoe without laces is best.  Generally, when you retrieve your fly line it will go over your shoes and could get tangled in shoe laces. Wading shoes are not required in Campeche.

We Also Suggest

  • Floating sunglass leash
  • Spare pair of sunglasses
  • Clippers
  • Hemostats/pliers
  • Pocketknife
  • Hook sharpener/file
  • Line conditioner/dressing
  • Wading bag/fanny pack
  • Fly box
  • Insect repellent
  • Terrycloth wristbands (like for tennis to dry your face while fishing)
  • Reel maintenance kit with lubricant
  • Waterproof camera
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