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Fishing for the baby silver

The Campeche area offers some of the finest and most consistent fishing for baby and juvenile tarpon. The huge network of mangrove lagoons, turtle grass flats and creeks stretches over 100 kilometers. Mangroves that begin immediately north of the city provide options for excellent year-round tarpon fishing as the weather and tides change.

One of the reasons we love Campeche is its approachability for first-time saltwater anglers. Baby and juvenile tarpon are usually keen to eat a fly and if hooked, will run and jump several times, making them extremely fun to catch. The multitude of shots that anglers are offered during a trip, combined with the excitement of hooking a tarpon is surely one of the best introductions to the world of saltwater fly fishing.

While on the hunt for tarpon, the snook and barracuda that share these waters can offer up their own fun and challenges.

Fishing Schedule

After enjoying breakfast on the veranda, guests will gather their equipment and head to the marina, located just 15 minutes from Casa Clorinda. Departure times depend on seasonal tides and will be discussed the evening prior. Upon arrival at the marina, anglers will be greeted by their guides and go over fishing details for the day. Fishing usually lasts nine hours and rides can vary depending on your guide’s fishing plan.  A short ride could be 15 minutes, a long one can take up to one hour and 20 minutes to reach the farthest spots. A cooler lunch and refreshments are provided on the boat. 

Boats and Equipment

Casa Clorinda works with incredible local outfitters. Their boats are clean, well-designed, custom-built backcountry skiffs that comfortably accommodate two fishermen and a guide.  The boats are spacious with large, open casting decks.

Fly-Fishing Gear and Tackle List

  • Fly-Fishing Equipment Recommendations:

    •  Rods: A minimum of two fly rods 8wt and 9wt will cover your fly rod needs. A 7wt is also a pleasure to fish with it.

    •  Reel: A real designed for saltwater with good disc brake, capacity 100yd of 20lb backing.

    •  Line: Tropical designed WFF floating fly line such as SA Amplitude Textured Infinity and Amplitude Textured Tropical Jungle Titan.

    •  Leader: 9ft to 12ft tapered 20lb to 25lb fluorocarbon with 15” to 20” of 40lb to 60lb fluorocarbon shock tippet.

    •  Flies: At times these fish can be very fussy! We do recommend you bring as many flies as you can in various sizes and colors. Don’t forget your EP® FLIES! Top water flies are the best and most exciting ones, such as Poppers, Divers, and Gurglers. We offer a limited selection of flies at Casa Clorinda.

    ***Flies with small sizes hooks are not recommended

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