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About the house

Casa Clorinda has been lovingly restored to preserve its heritage using original materials and artistry where possible.

Stone walls were rebuilt painstakingly one stone at a time. The original beams were repurposed to become the closets and the tables on the kitchen veranda. What remained of the original stable entrance is now a waterfall over the swimming pool. 

All the interior walls as well as the interior of the pool were done with the ancient Maya process of Chukum. The bark of the Chukum tree, native to the area, is twice boiled to extract a resin. When the resin is mixed with a limestone-based stucco it has natural water-repelling properties which are needed in the humid climate. Chukum also leaves a beautiful natural finish on the walls without painting. 

Incredibly, the roof tiles are still the original tiles manufactured and stamped In Marseille, France. They were brought to Campeche as ballast on ships looking to return to Europe with salt and dye wood.

These historic details, tastefully combined with modern amenities, make Casa Clorinda a unique and comfortable retreat. 

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